Space Rescue Service – An experience with Godot Game Engine.



Programming games have been a personal interest for a long time. Since the end of the project “OhMyDroid!”, I’ve been considering change my focus to game design – games are far more popular than security apps.

Thousands of ideas have passed in my head and I have studied some game engines to implement them – namely: Stencyl Works, Unity, Game Salad, libGDX and Godot. Due to freedom and flexibility, libGDX and Godot were my favourite choices (despite my first published game was made with Stencyl works).

The game

Space Rescue Service is an arcade, single player, 2D game set in a sci-fi context.

As the player, you must use a small spaceship to reach escape capsules drifting in space and bring aboard the people they carry; then, bring those people to a medical space station located in the center of the scenario. The game finishes when there is no more human lives left to be rescued. You receive a score based on the quantity of lives rescued, the time you took and the amount of fuel consumed.

The game also stores your performance data and use it to check if you performed some of the “achievements”.

The engine


Godot Engine got my attention for its simplicity and great flexibility. The built language, gdscript, is very simple to learn (if you already have programming skills) and the visual editor makes (almost) everything fast and easy.

In my opinion, the best of Godot Engine are:

  1. It’s Open Source
  2. You can export to Linux, Windows, HTML5, Android and Black Berry 10 without having to buy a premium version and with no revenue limitations.

However, you will find some difficulties: exporting the game is the main of them, since the “export” feature does not come working from the very beginning. After installing Godot Engine, you must search the internet for some “Export Templates”, necessary to properly export your game. See “Exporting projects” in the Godot 2.1 documentation for more information.


As a first experience, I am publishing Space Rescue Service as a free game. The “Alpha Version” can be found at Indie DB. I have plans for publishing other versions in other websites (for more views and more feedback). All further versions of the game will remain free. I’m also looking forward to publish it’s code with a Creative Commons license.


More ambitious plans are en route. I’m already designing a 3D sequel, a broader and funnier game. This time, maybe, I apply for a Steam Greenlight pass. Who knows…

Download the game

You can download the game here.


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