Luiz & Bruna – My first published game

This article is about something I did a long, long time ago…


Luiz & Bruna is a flash game made in Stencyl Works (old version, can’t remember which). It was my first published game, released in September 10, 2012, at Newgrounds website.

That project was a nerdy love declaration to my girlfriend (today, my wife).

This is the note I published along with the game:

Play as Luiz and Bruna in this short platformer game.
Push blocks, turn switches, shot targets, jump on platforms… Do everything you can to meet the love of your life.

Stay 2 seconds in front of a door to open it.
Each door takes to one chapter in the story of this couple.
Generally, a chapter ends when Luiz touches Bruna.
Unlock all the seven doors to know the secret ending…

Use arrows to control Bruna, the lovely girl.
Use ADWS to control Luiz, her passionate boyfriend.
Touch the on/off icons (a circle with a line) to interact with the levels.

This game was build to tell the world how much I love her, my Bruna.

Version 1.2:
– Progress bar on the doors.
– Improved elevator in the main menu.
– Improved level 4 – bugs solved.

Version 1.1:
– Friction issue solved.
– More instructions included.
– More colors included.
– Improved levels (all new level 2)
– One more level at the end!

The game engine


Stencyl Works is a very easy-to-use engine, good for those who have very little or no experience with programming at all. This is it’s main advantage: you don’t need programming skills, since the programming is all made with visual blocks. After planning your logic, all you have to do is drag and drop code blocks to give your actors some life.

The engine also have a built-in asset store, which is very, very handy, since you can download and immediately apply almost anything – from images to complete behaviours – you need to build a working game.

The cons, however, are the limitations on publishing. Back in 2012 there was no ways to export to mobile platforms (that was a planned feature) and the user could export only to “flash” in the free version. Other exporting alternatives required license purchases.

I recommend Stencyl Works for everyone who have no programming skills but would love to see some game idea made real – since it can fit into a flash game.


Publishing flash games is extremely simple. All you need to do is sign in to a specialized website like Newgrounds or Kongregate and follow the steps to upload your game. Some of them even have revenue plans (which I haven’t applied for, because at that time they did not pay to people from my country).  When published my game, I chose Newgrounds for it’s popularity.

The game can be played here. Flash player plugin required.



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