Oh My Droid! Lite – no ads!

High-def image.

Avaliable on Google Play for free!


May 24th, 2012. Oh My Droid! Lite was first launched on Google Play (former Android Market).

This application contains two functions from the original version: the “broadcast allert SMS” and the “return device’s ID” function. Respectively, commands 1 and 4. The other commands (0,2 and 3) will answer with a link to the original version in the google play.

There is no ADs in Oh My Droid! Lite. The purpose of this application is to work as an invitation to buy the full version, which is paid (US$ 0,99). For this meaning, I added a button in the main menu. This button leads the user to the full version’s page on Google Play.

I didn’t add any restriction or any limit for the funcions contained in the Lite version. This application is really free (and ad-free!) and the user should not feel compelled to buy the full version.

In case of any doubts or issues about the lite or the full application, you can contact me.

Hope you enjoy.


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