OhMyDroid! – The First App

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Avaliable on Android Market for US$ 0,99


This application is my first submission to Android Market and is avaliable here.

Following you can see the instructions provided by the application’s “How To Use” menu:

It is a great solution in cases of loss of android devices.
The command sent should follow the following syntax:


Where PASSWORD is the password registered in the user application preferences and COMMAND is a number (0-3) representing the action to be performed by the device.
The default password is 654321. It is not recommended to stay with this password.
List of commands:

PASSWORD.0: get the location of the device according to the gps.
The response is a link to the location on the google maps.

PASSWORD.1: broadcast an alert through text messages to all the contacts, informing them about your loss. The message can be changed in the preferences screen.

PASSWORD.2: delete the records of contacts, calls and SMS.

PASSWORD.3: delete all files from SD memory card.

PASSWORD.4: return the device\’s ID (IMEI for GSM or MEID for CDMA phones). Useful for permanent phone blocking purposes (ask your phone service provider)

This application can omit (not to send) the result of a command if it is configured to do so or if the device does not get access to the SMS service for financial reasons. See the preferences.

CAUTION: this application does not recover lost passwords.

Some screenshots:


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